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Remarkably enough the online beginning of Future Community NewDay.nl was at 11.32 AM (Amsterdam Time) September 11th, 2001. The idea however errected from the earlier (1996) 'business' concept Extra-Terrestrial Life Development. That spawned in an instant, on the couch, seeing president Clinton announce the findings of possible nanofossils in a Martian meteorite
Breaking News !!

The Era of the Unimaginable had started so it seemed. Life outside Earth! Also: bonding mankind.

Later on facts & figures - from the meteorite ánd the New Economy hype - were disputed, but the pace was already set; evolution is the name of the game. Not only up to today, but also in to the far future. We are the first of our kind to addept to that.
* For NewDay.nl important people about...
* Present business concept ETLD Savings Account
* Present consumer enhanced concept | 'home made' animation
* Present example project; a survey and network efforts towards a hydrogen economy for Curaçao
* See the first online project description in English (pdf-140K)

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